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André Oelofse’s Journey

André Oelofse has studied and practiced Pilates, Boxing, Tai Chi Chuan and Natural Movement for most of his adult life and has become an expert in these teachings.

He has made it his life’s journey to find a structured syllabus for targeting the nervous system, teaching how to neutralise excess nervous energy and stay calm, allowing performance under pressure by tapping into the body’s intuitive wisdom and learning to trust it.

Through students cultivating their bodies in a natural manner they begin to get more into their bodies, learning to move from a heightened awareness, listening to the state of their mind. If feeling edgy, getting into the body following the natural movement principles will allow for calmness to find a creative way forward, effortless and knowing, like the soft yet strong flow of water.

The 5 natural movement principles are:

  1. Structure
  2. Rhythm
  3. Leverage
  4. Breathing
  5. Timing

These principles are sequentially related, starting with structure. The second principle hinges off the first and so on, until you go into action. If one principle is out, all is out.

These principles are based on ancient elite warriors from the battlefield – how to stay composed and fluid whilst under pressure with no mental interference and doubting.

André continues to integrate his diverse movement training and experience into a unique blend of teachings which he now shares in his classes, workshops and courses in the Cape, South Africa, and Internationally.

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André was exposed to movement and the sports arena from birth. His mother was a prima ballerina and won a bursary to dance with the Royal Academy, London. She danced with contemporaries of this time like Phyllis Spiro and Margot Fonteyn. His father was a professional soccer player, playing for Chelsea for 5 years in the early fifties before joining the Springbok South African National Football Union Team.


André owned a personal training business in California in the USA, before returning to Cape Town in South Africa and opened a personal training studio. After training as a Pilates teacher with the most recognised Pilates school in California, he went on to specialise in rehabilitation of injuries. He played a key role in pioneering Pilates in South Africa.


André accumulated extensive knowledge and understanding of human physiology and anatomy by working closely with respected physiotherapists and chiropractors and has taught many students interested in learning Pilates as a method for conditioning and rehabilitation. His studio grew into a successful business with a strong reputation, especially for working with injured athletes. In the late nineties, he helped professional Stormers Rugby Union Players using Pilates training.


André gradually identified the limitations of Pilates as being overly controlled and linear, lacking free movement and rotation from the spine. He sensed that the elusive syllabus of training of the autonomic nervous system was to be found in the lightness, and rhythmic dance type movements of boxing.

Tai Chi Chuan

André’s curiosity was roused on meeting an experienced teacher of Wu Tai Chi Chuan that this ancient martial art, originating from the battlefield many years ago, placed importance on finding calmness through correct structure and good movement. In those days, an elite warrior was one who had calmness and won effortlessly. For the first time in his life, André started to experience calmness and serenity through practicing this art.

Natural Movement

Since a child, André has always had a passion for the natural world. He has spent years exploring creative movement in the ocean and the forests – from ocean paddling to tree and rock climbing. Moving in nature has also forged a deeper connection with the natural world, allowing it to guide and shape him – connecting with hawks in the treetops, swimming with dolphins in the ocean and being enveloped by the moving energy of the ocean waves. André also pursued formal training in Natural Movement with MovNat.